Tamadon Investment Bank

Sustainable growth of Businesses

We strive to provide comprehensive new consulting and executive solutions by developing our professional capacity to support customers' goals and policies and the sustainable development of their business.

The most active financial company

Rank 1 in 4 years

Assets under management

Over 2 Billions Dollars

Menna2019 Festival

Award for the most influential business leaders

Why Tamadon Investment Bank?

In Tamadon, we aim to play an effective role in the growth of national production, export development, strengthening the private sector, and urban development, with the participation of hard-working, professional and creative employees and strategic partnerships with leading and reputable domestic and foreign companies in the capital market. We also strive to achieve this great goal by creating an effective strategic system, access to up-to-date information, launching innovative and creative ideas, and developing activities nationally and internationally.


New era of financing


Financial Advice

Restructuring companies

Merger and acquisition


Provide a variety of financial advice


Through debt instruments

Through capital instruments

International financing

Financing of knowledge-based companies

Asset Management

Mutual funds

Tradable investment funds

Investment funds


About Tamadon

Tamadon Investment Bank (Public Joint Stock Company), as the most active capital raising company in the country for four consecutive years, selected by the SEO (Security and Exchange Organization), with the aim of providing a complete basket of financial services to its customers have been registered on 03/2012 with number 422558 in the Registry Tehran companies and non-commercial institutions, and have started their official activity since 03/2012 by obtaining an activity license from the SEO.

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 No. 6, west 14th st. Beyhaqi Blvd., Argentina square







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