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Tamadon Investment Bank


Establishment of investment banks in Iran originates from the Securities Market Act ratified in 2005. Pursuant to this Act, investment banks with offering corporate finance services, asset management, and financial consulting as their three main areas of activity, act as an intermediary between issuers of securities and investors and can engage in brokerage, trading, market making, consulting, portfolio management, underwriting with the license from the SEO. 
Tamadon Investment Bank (TIB), as a Private-Joint Stock Company, was founded on March 11, 2012 under the Securities & Exchange Organization’s (SEO) authorization and supervision.
Tamadon Investment Bank, with over $ 2.5 billion AUM, has been Iran’s leading investment bank for five consecutive years in market making and underwriting income.It is also the first and only Iranian investment bank being a member of the Asian Bankers Association.
In Tamadon Investment Bank, we are fully committed to expanding our products and clients’ reach, strengthening our capital resources, and growing our business to create value for our clients.
On a quest to deliver high quality services to its clients, Tamadon Investment Bank continues to rely upon its solid corporate governance, well-established infrastructure, and competent staff.
Our company offers a wide range of services, namely, financing, financial advisory, asset management alongside investment funds. 
Tamadon Investment Bank, with its numerous subsidiary and associate companies, is ready to also offer the international clients a variety of available financial solutions including investment funds, VIP portfolio management, brokerage services, and corporate finance, along with many others.




Main Corporate social responsibility of Tamadon

is to increase financial literacy in society


  • Maintaining and promoting the top position in the country's investment bank industry and becoming a national brand in providing products and services at global high-level standards.


  • Inventing and presenting international technological models and playing a distinct role in the country's capital market operations chain

Mission statement

  • We aim to play an effective role in the national production growth, export development, private sector strengthening, and urban development with the contribution of hard-working, professional and creative staff and strategic partnerships with leading and reputable national and international companies by directing the capital flow to the domestic and international markets. We strive to achieve this ambitious goal by creating an effective governance system, accessing to up-to-date information, implementing bright and innovative ideas, and developing the business nationally and internationally.


  • We aspire to provide "novel comprehensive advisory and executive solutions" in financing, financial consulting, investment management and financial information technology to support our clients' goals, policies, and business sustainable development. Moreover, we try to be a strategic partner and trusted consultant by our professional capacity development and operational excellence in providing timely, distinctive, innovative, reliable, efficient and high quality services at a competitive price.


  • We attempt to act as a strong arm for our shareholders by targeting reasonable profits with a growing pace, while orienting ourselves to develop our market, products and services in the future.


  •  We are committed to social responsibility and global and national standards in financial services.

Macro strategic goals of Tamadon Investment Bank (two-year horizon)

• Becoming a national brand at a global high-level standard

• Optimizing the guidance of micro and macro savings conversion into investments in industries with comparative and competitive advantage and economically productive businesses

• Expanding expertise capacity and core capabilities for the development of industry standards, competitiveness, development and innovation management, operational management, risk management and cross-border activities

• Strategic partnership with at least eight active national institutions and four active oversees institutions in the supply chain of the investment bank industry

• Strategic partnership with strategic customers (at least ten customers)

Our History


Establishment of TIB Formation of the first investment fund Foundation of Sahra company Foundation of iBshop Foundation of the first FSM Launching iBTrader Launching iBCrowd
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About Tamadon

Tamadon Investment Bank (Public Joint Stock Company), as the most active capital raising company in the country for four consecutive years, selected by the SEO (Security and Exchange Organization), with the aim of providing a complete basket of financial services to its customers have been registered on 03/2012 with number 422558 in the Registry Tehran companies and non-commercial institutions, and have started their official activity since 03/2012 by obtaining an activity license from the SEO.

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