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All services and products of Tamadon Investment Bank and its subsidiaries are provided through the branches of financial supermarkets and the iBshop online investment system.

A number of most important financial and investment provided services are described in the following:





Financial Services


Companies are financed in the following main ways:

- Financing through debt instruments

- Financing through capital instruments

- International financing


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Financial Advisory Services

When an organization is faced with complex business issues that stunt growth, increase costs, and pose new risks, one needs something more than best practices or simple solutions.

Long-term profitable growth and value-added insights require rethinking of what one strategically does to make a difference. In today's business environment, organizations that postpone their response or ignore the need for change lose their constant growth and competitive advantage. For this reason, it is necessary to have an expertise financial team from outside the organization to make changes. Tamadon Investment Bank is ubiquitously offering solutions and services to the ones in need.


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 Asset Management

People make different decisions in their lives; one of the most important ones is how to make sound investment decisions. People give up their current consumption and invest their funds for a better future ensuring their family's future. Investments are made in various fields such as banks, real estate, gold, businesses, stocks, etc. In investment decisions, people pay attention to two factors: risk and return. In choosing among different investment options, people are looking for an option that achieves higher returns with the same risk or takes less risk to achieve the same return, and this makes investing decisions a challenging one.

One of the services Tamadon Investment Bank offers is to help people manage their asset portfolios much more efficiently. Asset management refers to a set of methodical processes for the maintenance, use, development, and proper allocation of assets in a portfolio and ultimately optimizing all assets’ returns. Asset management provides a framework for designing and implementing long-term and short-term plans. Asset and investment management services are the management of individuals' investments by financial services companies, especially investment banks. In these services, the bank invests in a variety of assets on behalf of the clients. Financial firms, such as investment banks, by using experts in this field, formulate investment mechanisms in accordance with the goals, level of risk-taking of individuals and their financial needs, and try to create the maximum return commensurate with the taken risk for the clients. Simply put, the goal is to increase the wealth of individuals and legal entities. Tamadon Investment Bank provides professional services in managing assets for investors.

Tamadon Investment Bank has provided specialized portfolio management services for VIP clients licensed by the Securities and Exchange Organization and using top and experienced financial specialists.

In this regard, four models of portfolio management have been introduced according to the different wishes and needs of the clienteles, which are:

• Fixed-income basket

• Value basket

• Income basket

• Growth basket

Investment Funds


Investment funds are considered one of the main activities of Tamadon Investment Bank in the field of asset and investment management. The establishment, operation, and management of various types of investment funds tailored to the wishes and needs of investors is among the services Tamadon Investment Bank offers.

Mutual funds are one of the types of financial intermediaries, including institutions that, through the continuous sale of their investment units to the public, pool the capital of individuals and invest in a diverse combination of securities such as stocks, bonds f and money market instruments, according to the purpose that the investment fund serves.

 Thus, each investor, in proportion to their number of units, will share the profit or loss resulting from the change in the value of the mutual fund. According to the Securities Market Act of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Article 1, Paragraph 20),an investment fund is a financial institution whose main activity is investing in securities and its owners share in the profits and losses of the fund in proportion to their investment.

 Considering that the activity of these funds is based on the structure formulated in their articles of association and prospectus and within the framework of the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran, investors are assured that there is sufficient supervision over the performance of these funds in managing the fund's assets.

Among the advantages of investing in mutual funds are:

  • Professional managers and experts in the field of capital market invest assets under the fund’s management
  • Liquidity of investment in funds according to the subscription&redemption mechanisms in mutual funds and the elements provided in the executive structure of funds
  • Integrating micro-resources in one set and creating economies of scale
  • Diversification of investment
  • Easy investment
  • Supervision and transparency of information

Investment funds have been present in the capital market of Iran  since 2007, and currently their AUM is more than 1200 thousand billion IR Rials.

 Taking into account the different types of investors and their  risk tolerance and appetite, Tamadon Investment Bank has established and managed 11 funds in the capital market  succeeding  to attract a diverse range of investors. Currently, "Ganjineh Zarin Shahr Fund" as the largest mutual fund in the country is managed by Tamadon Investment Bank.

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Tamadon Investment Bank (Public Joint Stock Company), as the most active capital raising company in the country for four consecutive years, selected by the SEO (Security and Exchange Organization), with the aim of providing a complete basket of financial services to its customers have been registered on 03/2012 with number 422558 in the Registry Tehran companies and non-commercial institutions, and have started their official activity since 03/2012 by obtaining an activity license from the SEO.

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